Sweet Good-byes

Have you ever been working on a piece of artwork, when a friend visits and falls in love with it, telling you they want to buy it when it’s done?
And maybe  you really want them to have it – I mean, they’re your buddy and you can even see it from time to time when you visit…
but you’re just not quite ready to part with it yet?

Believe it or not, that happened with this bodacious little piece last weekend.
I don’t know why…
I guess it was just different…made with a sweet little calavera lady from San Miguel de Allende…and that lime green tricycle fender…using the good flowers, you know, the ones that I can’t find anymore…

I’m hereby honoring my little green creation and happily letting it go to a loved-one.

Now that I’ve thought it through, how could I have been so lucky?

~ by Dawn Elliott on July 17, 2012.

3 Responses to “Sweet Good-byes”

  1. That’s a special piece, but you are right…you will get to visit it! (That green tricycle fender is a treasure in itself!)

  2. How very kind of you Dawn. I would have loved that piece as well. Awesome piece.

  3. Visiting privileges always makes decision making easier. And just think, you get to roadtrip.

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