Carmelita and Xavier

Carmelita and Xavier were created by Skeletina, who sells at the Tesuque Swap Meet in Santa Fe every weekend.

Xavier was picked up by my friend Leia in August on 2011, and I got Carmelita a month later.

This summer Xavier visited, and I kept finding the two of them in the darnedest places…

Now Carmelita’s  crazy in LOVE and she’s off to Utah until Labor Day weekend,
that little hussy!
Such crazy kids these days…

~ by Dawn Elliott on August 13, 2012.

3 Responses to “Carmelita and Xavier”

  1. have you talked with her about making sure no little skeletons show up unexpectedly?

  2. nancy has a good thought! are we crazy???

  3. That’s so cute. And an excellent excuse for girlfriends getting together.

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