Haiku Labor

This would be year eight
Projects are our way of life
Friday night, why not?

Remember this rock wall being built last summer?

And this one by the original garage?

Well, Mr. E came home last Friday night after a long week of work, and I said,
“Let’s work on the wall!”
We crawled into the house @ exactly 10:39…
slave driver, I am!

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~ by Dawn Elliott on August 23, 2012.

5 Responses to “Haiku Labor”

  1. Dawn, that’s what we are, all about projects and gardening, and the home life. You aren’t a slave driver, you are all about doing the things you love to do. Love this post.We will be building a greenhouse for next year. My husband roots everything. Have a great weekend.

  2. Why Not? That’s the best answer to most questions.
    The rocks are beautiful and smooth…It’s going to be
    a fantastic wall! ♥

  3. Absolutely. Friday night, why not? But, I’m going to walk the dog not build a wall on this Friday night in Redondo Beach.

  4. Every night is Friday night when it comes to projects and creating a home full of beauty and life.

  5. Friday night works are the best, really! LOVE the photos and haiku!! Enjoy your weekend and take a rest from time to time

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