Old Sign Paradise

My husband and I have been collecting old signs for awhile now, and we finally had enough to cover the side of my studio.

Then we found a big S & H Green Stamps sign that looked awesome on the old original garage.

Mr. E says it looks perfect the way it is, but I think it could use a little something else…
like this perhaps…hmmm?

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~ by Dawn Elliott on August 19, 2012.

12 Responses to “Old Sign Paradise”

  1. And you still have room for a few more!

  2. Don’t tell Steve that!

  3. Some very cool signs you have collected!

  4. Yes, definitely. A little rustic glam!

  5. i am loving your milagro heart!!!

  6. I’m with you the last one would go a treat, though I must confess I don’t know what it is? Living over seas! x

  7. wow oh wow!
    that big S & H Green Stamps sign
    took me Back!

    i used to stick the in the books
    for my mom and we would go shopping
    when we had a pocketbook full!

    for reminding me,
    for taking me back!

    {{ your last photo
    makes me swoooon with want … }}

  8. {{ i used to stick the *stamps* in the books }}
    … see
    i was …

  9. These are really cool signs Dawn. Reminds me of Mikey and Frankie on TV, American Pickers, who go searching for lots of things including signs. They look awesome. Now you got me wanting to go in search of “real” signs. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Awesome,funky, and cool!

  11. I love old signs!

  12. That S&H sign is such a memory raiser. We collected so many books of these stamps when I was a child. It was so exciting filling books and then trading them in. I would be all about that again if someone started up stamp books again. Alas, like so many pleasures, this is firmly in the past. Now that sign has become the centerpiece of another wall of signs. Shop on!!

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