Ruby Lou’s Haiku

Time to make a change
Excitement, yet feeling loss
Ruby Lou, my love

Ruby Lou

After 14 years of owning my all-time favorite car, Ruby Lou, my 1996 Toyota RAV 4, I bought a new car.

Now, Ruby wasn’t a fancy sort…she had a manual transmission (which I totally prefer),  and no electronic windows or doors.  What she did have was comfort, reliability, the perfect amount of cargo space, 4-wheel drive, and a perky performance.  She was also a great deal, and paid off for the last 11 years!

Now she’s going to my step-daughter,  who I hope will treat her with respect, since I’m sure that there’s at least 100,000 more good miles in her, if not more.

Oh sure, a new car is exciting, but I’ve found myself very anxious, as well.  Late model cars are expensive, and they have all this slick technology, which, to me, is a double-edged sword…and in fact, it scares me…more than I knew.

No doubt, I’ll get used to my new car and love it, too, yet Ruby will be a hard act to follow.  I see other people driving the original RAV 4’s and envy them, thinking that they must be really smart!   The question is…am I anymore, without my sweet ride?

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~ by Dawn Elliott on August 30, 2012.

13 Responses to “Ruby Lou’s Haiku”

  1. Aah… such emotions in a small haiku… good luck with driving the one and/or the other… and whatever one you drive: enjoy the ride(s)!!!

  2. OK… I read wrong. I thought you were going to CALL ruby lou ‘stepdaughter’ from now on but you GIVE it to your stepdaughter… well… in that case… enjoy the NEW car! (My advice? Name him/her as soon as possible!)

  3. Great Haiku to tell a true life tale. I have a reverence for many things, mostly natural, but I also loves cars and motorcycles and trucks. I feel like you do. Glad Ruby Lou is going to someone you know. I just got a new motorcycle and sold my old one to a friend that put a side car on it. I’ll be able to see it now and then. That makes me smile. Great Post!


  4. May your new wheels take you on safe and sweet journeys.
    Happy Friday !

  5. I am so glad that you have had Ruby Lou to carry you safely all these years… I think cars become an extension of our selves, especially when we have had them a long time. I had a very hard time giving up my last car, I had had it ten years of its eighteen year life. This may seem silly to you, but do a blessing with your new car, put an object in the glove compartment that has meaning to you and ask for its name. You have a new horse in your barn! Congratulations!

  6. I’m glad to see she is being passed on!

  7. I have never named a car, but I have loved more than a few!

  8. Great Haiku. Awwww, I know what you mean about letting go. I have my 90 Toyota Corolla and love it. Of course my husband is a Toyota master tech so he works on it when needed. I’m hoping that it will last as long as I will last. I don’t want to sell or get rid of my car because then I will have a pmt. and ah don’t want that. I think insurance rates go up with a new car as well. Good luck with your new car. Drive safely and enjoy it.

  9. My daughter is driving my ‘old’ car now, simply named Blue, and I have a newer Prius. I wasn’t all for the change, but now I rather like the extra luxury.
    I named her Luxurious and so she is. ♥♥♥

  10. Oh Ruby will be missed I am sure….BUT here is wishing you many happy trails in your new ride.

  11. seeing her in the soft snow fall like this adds to the melancholy of letting go. i hope you will settle in to your new ride in good measure. it is lovely to know by making this leap you have afforded someone you love with safe transportation.
    your haiku is like the beginning of a tearful ballad, get that fiddle out!

  12. Some losses are harder to accept than others, for sure!

    The Color of Fire

  13. good that she’s staying in the family. cars can sometimes feel like a beloved pet. i still miss one i sold a long time ago.

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