Haiku Spirit

Stories dwell within
Always won’dring how they served
If their tales be told

I always think about where all this stuff I constantly gather came from, how and where it was used, and by whom…
and hope that my new vision for it is worthy of its original spirit.

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~ by Dawn Elliott on September 27, 2012.

9 Responses to “Haiku Spirit”

  1. I so wish too… that these pieces could speak, but you do such a wonderful job of giving them voice now… Beautiful Dawn!

  2. so many stories..so many lives lived. to have life’s fragments pass through thoughtful hands once more is to send them off with new music, strengthening and widening the circle of love.

  3. Always wonder about the stories that could be told…a thoughtful haiku!

  4. Wonderful stories told in your art work and haiku!

  5. Definitely could write a book of fabulous fiction making up stories that might speak of the origins and usages for items found and seen. I think about these things a lot, especially when coming upon old abandoned dwellings.
    Great Haiku and photos, great artwork as well. Novel use for a tractor seat, I must say.


  6. …stories dwell within ~ within your haiku and your excellent recycled creations ~ lovely ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  7. everything and everyone indeed has a story within…beautiful haiku and yes, your work is worthy, I’m sure of it as your intention as an artist is filled with love.

  8. Those inner, hidden stories are always the most intriguing ones–when they are finally told!

    I’m late making the rounds from Haiku My Heart Friday. Apologies!

    Words to the Wise

  9. Sorry for being so late on this ‘haiku round’… but now I have time to stop, look and are amazed by your work. I’m sure your art lives up to the spirit the items had before…Beautiful!

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