Haiku Spirits

Twenty years apart
Cool how years don’t mean a thing
Kindred spirits, we

I’m twenty years older and twenty years younger than two of my favorite people in the entire world.

That’s not to leave out Sallie (above right)

and Betsy,
who both fit the bill of awesome, long-time, similar-aged friend, as well.

How blessed I feel to have dear friends of all ages.

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~ by Dawn Elliott on September 6, 2012.

9 Responses to “Haiku Spirits”

  1. When spirits meet, age doesn’t count. Wonderful!

  2. lovely tribute to dear friends…you are so richly blessed!

  3. ~age~
    is so yesterday,
    don’t you think!


  4. Yes, to have friends of all ages… it is a gift indeed! Lovey friends and haiku!

  5. “years don’t mean a thing” –love that! Great haiku.

  6. Beautiful haiku about friendship!

  7. Wonderful to find a kindred spirit of any age!

  8. Sometimes kindred spirits are in short supply, so you are abundantly blessed!

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  9. Age in meaningless. Speaking from the hearts? Everything.

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