Haiku Nigel

Little wanderer
Mighty tough, yet skittish too
I’ll teach him ’bout love

Who, but a stray cat, has stolen my heart?

He first showed up, sleeping on a chair on our porch on a wintry morning last year, then ran like hell when Mr. E came out the door.

I wouldn’t see him for long chunks of time, but each time I did, I couldn’t believe his brownish-orange eyes, and the way he walked…long, lanky, and slowly, like a large wild cat would.

He has markings of a tiger-striped tabby, but also patches of white…doesn’t that make him calico…but I thought only females were calico?!?

So, of course I’ve been feeding him, and come to fnd out, ever so slowly, he actually will eat meat out of my hand.  Then,  I started feeding him with one hand and petting him with the other.  He wasn’t sure at first about the petting part, but now it’s not so bad…at least for a little while.

Oh, and I named him Nigel.

I’ve never heard  him purr, but I’m making the sound – the best I can – so maybe he can learn.  I recently read that purring is good for healing, both for humans and for cats.

He showed up today after a week-long break and hung out for 30 minutes or so, even following me out front and later into the back yard…and then I found out that he really likes catnip.

I want to become his new mom…

but Sasabee has a different idea.

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~ by Dawn Elliott on September 20, 2012.

8 Responses to “Haiku Nigel”

  1. What beautiful eyes has your dear Nigel, who could resist! x

  2. what a handsome boy!! i do believe in love at first sight, especially when it involves cats! sasabee has a look of contention…but today is world peace day, perhaps we can all walk on soft paws and universal love!
    love love love!

  3. Lovely haiku to Nigel ~ He is a ‘free spirit’ ~ not a calico though ~ He is a darling ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  4. Don’t you just love when a cat gifts himself to you? Nigel is such a good name for such a brave warrior♥♥♥

  5. Nigel is cute. We had a calico cat named Ginger. As far as I know, they are female. Ours had black, brown and white patches.She was a very loving and gentle cat. <3

  6. What a special haiku for Nigel, he is a beautiful cat, and I love the story you told about him!

  7. I believe he’s a only a tiger cat, with wonderful markings….It makes me happy that he is warming up to you…and you gotta love Sasabee’s expression!

  8. What a wonderful haiku and all those nice pictures of cats. Just awesome.

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