Tradition Haiku

Friendship hewn through time
Twenty years of artshows, we
Our tradition forged

My friend, Von, and I have been doing our grass root art show for 20 years now,  along with various different folks throughout the years.  I’ve actually changed my medium from silversmithing, to batik, to candle designing, to mosaics, to folk art during that time.  All have been rewarding and fun, but making folk art is my handsdown favorite!

More new piece for the show to come…very soon!

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~ by Dawn Elliott on October 4, 2012.

8 Responses to “Tradition Haiku”

  1. love your new piece dawn, and love this tradition! twenty years? how can that be???

  2. Those long forged friendships are so important! good for you two!

  3. How wonderful. Having friendship like that is awesome. It’s like if you don’t see them for a bit, the next time you do, it’s like yesterday. Love your piece Dawn. Have a wonderful weekend, great haiku.

  4. Such a love haiku about importance of friendship ~ and very creative folk art ~ love it ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  5. There is nothing more precious than enduring friendships!

    Snaky Sky Wire

  6. “Forged” is a word that indicates a solid friendship!

    Full Moon

  7. Shows… folk art… friendship… wonderful post!!!

  8. Wonderful traditions of friendship.

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