Paradise in Zion

For me, Paradise is found in friendships…and these particular friends live on the edge of Zion National Park in Virgin, Utah.

Last week we all walked the dogs by the Virgin River, made red chile enchiladas and scrumptious soups from scratch, watched a flock of Starlings swarm in awesome and endless patterns throughout the sky,

hiked and drove around the magnificient Zion Park,

explored petroglyph caves,

repelled down a couple of huge cliffs,

played Mexican Train by night,
made a gorgeous necklace together for an art trade…
and truly enjoyed life at its fullest.

With an overnight visit with family in Las Vegas at the beginning of the trip,

a visit to the Valley of Fire on the way to Zion,

 a Thai dinner in Flagstaff on the way home, and safe traveling in my zippy little car, Newton,  Mr. E and I felt like we had a perfect vacation.

We found our Paradise and came home relaxed, connected, and refreshed.

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~ by Dawn Elliott on November 25, 2012.

5 Responses to “Paradise in Zion”

  1. gorgeous beauty and friends sharing your world! thank you for each postcards sent straight from your heart!

    i hope you join in for a virgin a day, such a lovely way to share a pilgrimage towards mary’s feast day. a way to s l o w
    down the busy days of december and share the light.

    as you have so beautifully here today!


  2. Wow! Fantastic photos of such a beautiful place with wonderful company ~ that’s paradise ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  3. Zion is on a short list of places I long to return to. Thanks for sharing your beautiful ‘postcard’ -it became a trip down memory lane for me.

  4. wow, looks great. steve needs to retire so he can do that more often!

  5. You found your paradise, but it also found you…and stays with you, I’m sure.

    Postcard of Poems

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