Rememberance Haiku

Magic moments, all
Wish I could have soared with you
Rampant musings flowed

Celebrating Dia de los Muertos in Mexico is my idea of Heaven…but I wasn’t able to go this year…in the flesh, that is.
I was, however, acutely aware of the days that the lucky entourage were there…

thinking of where they might venture that day,

wondering if they were visiting friends,

or were they dressing up in black, with painted faces to go to the Jardin?

Did they have some totally new adventures?

What treasures awaited them at the Tuesday Market this year?

Were there jicama tacos on the day’s agenda?

My heart soars just thinking about the the adventures they all had…waiting for my next chance to be a part of the magic that is Mexico once again…

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~ by Dawn Elliott on November 8, 2012.

13 Responses to “Rememberance Haiku”

  1. love all the pics! I, too, would like to celebrate there someday!

  2. Wonderful pictures, especially that last one! Nice haiku, too – hope you’ll be able to go for El Dia next year!

  3. You have said exactly what I have been thinking when I thought about mi amigos y amigas on this trip to San Miguel. Every day I second guessed my decision to stay at home instead of going. Your photos are fantastic. Love the haiku. Love Dias de Los Muertos too!


  4. wish
    you could have traveled
    with us
    as it was a double~triple treat
    for every one
    who went!!

    {{ maybe some day
    you & i will share
    a dear rebecca*journey !!

    here is hoping …

    i enjoyed your haiku
    always }}

  5. Love your Haiku Dawn and pictures are awesome. I’m sure you were there with them in spirit.

  6. wonderful! collection of calacas Dawn!

  7. I love this colorful collection of photos and the joy in your words and memories. I am adding Mexico to my bucket list!

  8. thought of you so many times, so many places. thanks for joining us in spirit and keeping the home fires burning while we were away.

    this sudden blast of winter is a reality bracer!

  9. Lovely pictures and haiku. I went to San Miguel in spirit as well and would love to return in person during Dia De Los Meurtos.
    blessings to you.

  10. SUch beautiful photos – and a lovely haiku – makes me want to visit Mexico too (and I’m not, repeat NOT a traveler at all…)

  11. you still have all that magic and mysticism in your soul…..I never knew the extent of this celebration …..

  12. wonderful photo tour!

  13. Remembering is not a bad place to be if you can’t be in the actual place!

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