Haiku Maria

Seven days we’ve shared
Marys from around the globe
Passions fully stoked

It has been such a pleasure to commune with everyone this week through Rebecca’s A Virgin A Day meme.  I am grateful for the connections, the beauty, the commitment, and the knowledge that everyone has shared so far.

Here’s to the final 5 days!

I wanted to add a few more notable shots from Casa Color before I move on to share some of the Mary’s that adorn and bless my home.

…and here they are…those wild and crazy guys…
Anado on the left and Richard on the right…
won’t you come meet them with us for Holy Week in March?

For more Virgins today, please visit Rebecca @ http://corazon.typepad.com/.

~ by Dawn Elliott on December 7, 2012.

13 Responses to “Haiku Maria”

  1. I love that there is a Mexican Ganesh, he is the God for improvement and it looks like he has helped improve every inch of Casa Color.
    The most vibrant place on earth♥

  2. You may not know that I am a lover of Selkies. The mosaic mermaid is my favorite of all you shared today. I too mixed business with pleasure and added Haiku to my Virgin Business. very good all around.


  3. {{ yes
    the 2 gentle santas
    i met in mexico …


    love All you have shared Here …
    makes me want to go Back …

    hummmmmmm…. }}

  4. That casa is simply marvelous!! Anado looks like Santa with those twinkling eyes! What a treat to see pictures of Casa Color – many thanks!

    Yes, these 7 days of sharing Mary have been wonderful – as is your haiku!

  5. How exciting. I love Casa Color. It would be awesome to live with all that color. It has been a wonderful 7 days.

  6. nice haiku, and true!
    the home is packed with art, what a blessing for them

  7. Thanks for sharing this wonderful place, where these two free spirits are not afraid to exist in living color.

  8. The colors you’ve shared today are like a warm fire for me in my barren winter landscape! And your haiku is true for me too!

  9. Case Color is a truly remarkable place.

  10. Dazzling…all this color…simply dazzling!

    Mary in Disguise

  11. a mexican Lord Ganesha – remover of obstacles!! I have a beautiful Lord Ganesha at my front door, next to Mary! I have promised myself that I will be flying to Mexico to meet up with all of you in 2014 for Semana Santa – originally it was meant to happen in 2013 but I am again doing a pilgrimage to India. Your blog has inspired me no end and I have made some important life choice decisions this week about where I would like my art and my work to go – so thank you thank you thank you – sometimes we only need to reveal ourselves to inspire others.

  12. This Mary connection is so special, one that binds our on-line family, it has become our ‘tradition’! x

  13. Of all the wall colors, the purple one is probably my favorite!

    Last Night’s Tea Flowers

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