Maria de Mi Casa #2

This beautiful Mary came from the Tuesday Market in San Miguel de Allende.  She was obviously old, painted on tin, and very faded…
I could hardly make out the image, so I brought her home and asked my sister – the painter in the family – if she could brighten her up…
but not too much!

…and Wha la!

On this day, I caught her fraternizing with the sun and a heart-shaped mirror.
A little miracle, she shared with me.

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~ by Dawn Elliott on December 9, 2012.

12 Responses to “Maria de Mi Casa #2”

  1. she found you and what a delightful result with the heart ~ Magnificent! ^_^

    (A Creative Harbor) aka ‘ArtMuse Dog ^_^

  2. Oh, what a perfect picture! I don’t think She was fraternizing, though – I think She was sending Her heart out to YOU!! A direct transmission…

  3. Heart to heart. What a gift!

  4. The whole of it is a little miracle.
    What if you had never rescued her…♥

  5. methinks she found you and you gave her new life and a special sanctuary!

  6. i love how her love turned the wall pink!!!

  7. love this, especially because the art is old!

  8. Oh so pretty and the reflection of the mirror a very sweet miracle.

  9. How very lovely!

  10. Dawn, you found a wonderful treasure at the market. I’m glad your sister was able to help you make her glow.

  11. I too think Mary found you and wanted you to take her home. It turned out great. I love the old too. Thank you.

  12. That heart on the wall says it all!

    Keeper of the Door

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