Deadline Haiku


Winter lets me pause
Supply and demand still rule
Deadlines trump my rest

I generally don’t make a lot of art in the winter, simply because my studio isn’t heated…


but sales have been rather brisk down at the gallery this month, plus a friend of mine will be setting up at the Arabian Horse Show in Scottsdale and asked if she could take some of my art to sell…
um, yes!


Although the show isn’t for 2 weeks, today was when she came through these parts to pick everything up.

I’ve been working in my office…


and laying finished work out on the living room floor.
I ended up giving her 40 pieces, with over half of them being brand new!

I don’t really know if I’ll continue my seasonal reprieve or not, as I was just starting to get into that rhythm that feels so sweet…

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~ by Dawn Elliott on January 31, 2013.

5 Responses to “Deadline Haiku”

  1. If the sales are a success then you must make the decision is it for the money or the pleasure? do I really want to give up my quiet time? is it really worth it? or do I want to take the colder months to try something new to me! like painting on paper??? I would be torn!

  2. Please link up your new haiku at Haiku My Heart at Recuerda Mi Corazon. Many of us are using last week’s link so we can keep in touch. Hope to see you there!

  3. Sometimes I work best under pressure… but winter begs me to slow down and be still. I hope you have an extra card up your sleeve for when you finish this gorgeous batch of art!

  4. Darn those deadlines anyway!

    Beggar and Buddha

  5. Oh. My. How scrumptious everything looks!
    It is funny, just when I was getting cozy, I got some requests.
    And I was happy for them. Work is fun when you love it, right? ♥♥

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