Pile O’Rust Haiku


Waiting, idle now
Percolating wondrous schemes
Blooming Pile O’Rust


I don’t do much with my artwork during the cold of winter, but when I happen by my celebrated Pile O’Rust out in back, I get a little rush of excitement.

It seems thast it’s not just the trees and bushes, but everything is dormant and silently preparing for the blooming of springtime.

On this first “warm” day after 3 weeks of bitter cold, a teensy glimpse of springtime hope emerges.

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~ by Dawn Elliott on January 17, 2013.

16 Responses to “Pile O’Rust Haiku”

  1. yummy rusty garden waiting to reawaken just like the green ones do!
    happy Friday! Stay warm!

  2. rust is so appealing… something about transformation, and seeing in in progress.

  3. That haiku made me smile – wonder what you’ll do with those pieces?!

  4. Wonderful haiku ~ yes we are all ‘pregnant’ with possibility ~ like your assemblage items ~

    (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  5. So many possibilities laying in wait.

  6. Oh I love the idea of a ‘rust garden!’

  7. Love your rusty things Dawn. Awesome.:)

  8. Love the idea of rust percolating dreams of living again! Beautiful haiku!

  9. Rusty treasure for sure!

  10. Nice collection! I can’t wait to see what it all becomes !!

  11. A beautiful garden you have here. Come spring there will be much creativity growing from this plot.

  12. I know your feeling!
    I love that you objects are planted in a rock garden.
    And the Bloom!
    Wow, whatever will that be?
    Exciting ♥♥

  13. love the “sun” shining in your garden!

  14. I would love to see the transformation of this “trash” to treasures!

    Love Story

  15. it’s a lovely thing having a stock pile of possibilities! i noticed this morning the sun rose a wee bit earlier and the sunset…a bit later. i am so looking forward to spring!
    can’t wait to see what you get up to when your studio warms up.
    i promise an invite over when we are home from san miguel.

  16. Love the use of the word “percolate”. I use it a lot when I am explaining to the hubs why something has been “gotten” and then sits there “unused”. It’s not unused, I say. It’s percolating. LOL

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