Office Paradise


Especially in the winter months, I spend a huge share of my at-home time in my office – its southern exposure makes it the warmest room in the house, plus it gives me a blast of inspiration every time I gaze at my beloved Mexican folk art!

Paradise surrounds us every day, if we just take pause to notice…

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Postcards from Paradise delights!

~ by Dawn Elliott on February 24, 2013.

7 Responses to “Office Paradise”

  1. It’s really hard not to be envious…
    it’s just so damn gorgeous!

  2. a welcome sight on any day, your treasure trove of inspiration;
    definitely a room with a “view” straight into your heart.

  3. {{ how Perfect
    that your cactus
    seems to thrive
    in such a treasure*spot }}

  4. Gorgeous Dawn. Love the room color as well. It really shows off your treasures.

  5. Focusing on each piece I imagine would be a trip to paradise with memories attached! x

  6. It would take me awhile to leave this room. So much eye candy.

  7. Dawn, this room calls me. Don’t be surprised if you see a shadow on that chair. Awesome and so is your Fashionista blog. I love it and I will be visiting. I tried leaving a comment there but couldn’t find a comment section. This is a great idea and certainly look forward to seeing/reading all about the latest for us ladies. You go girl!

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