Art Show Haiku!


Coveted venue
 Art shown at Raven Cafe
Honored chosen few


I am delighted and honored to announce that I have been chosen to participate in a two-person art show at the Raven Cafe in Prescott, Arizona beginning May 6, 2013.  The Raven attracts people of all ages, and specializes in microbrews, organic food, indoor and outdoor dining, music, and local art.


I will be showing with Charles M. Hackeba, owner of the Charles Huckeba Art Gallery at 227 W Gurley Street in downtown Prescott.

The opening Reception will be  on Thursday, May 9th from 5-7 pm, and the show will run for 6 weeks, through Memorial Day weekend.

Look for sneak previews of my new work coming soon!

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~ by Dawn Elliott on March 15, 2013.

18 Responses to “Art Show Haiku!”

  1. may has never bloomed so true,
    congratulations dawn!
    you will rock the raven.

  2. Ohhh, I wish I could be there to see your art in real life! Congratulations and enjoy!

  3. Oh! This is so exciting!
    and well deserved too…
    I took a look at the Charles Huckeba Art Gallery
    and I think your two styles of art
    will be so complimentary to you both.
    I would love to visit The Raven…yay You!!! ♥♥

  4. Wow! Congratulations and fun haiku to honor your show ~ Enjoy ^_^

  5. I’m thrilled for you. I love your work! Can’t wait to see the show.

  6. Congratulations! How exciting and wonderful for you!

  7. Congrats Dawn! Way to go! If I was there, I’d go. By the way, I found this site that has loads of “tunics.” Here’s the link in case you want to view.
    Take care, have a great weekend.

  8. I’ll plan a trip to the Raven. Prescott is only 90 minutes from here,up the hill. Would love to see your work in real life… Congratulations Dawn.

  9. Congratulations!

    *sigh* This is one of those times I wish I lived in the US. I love this kind of activity. The venue also reminds me of one of my favorite authors – Edgar Allan Poe.

  10. Beneath the wings of the raven are many arts it seems! What a grand opportunity! A fascinating venue with a sense of energy!

  11. Wonderful news, enjoy the moments! x

  12. Would love to drop in and see the show. You never know. Traveling is still in my blood. Congratulations are in order, spurred on by your haiku. By the way, looks like a great place for coffee!


  13. One of two–good for you!

    Swallows Haiku

  14. How fabulous !!! Congratulations!
    Enjoy the glow of your well deserved success !

  15. what exciting news! sincere congratulations. apt haiku

  16. What a marvelous show this will be. I checked out Charles Huckeba and you provide a great contrast of styles. The visitors privileged to see the show won’t be disappointed.

  17. congratulations. may it go well for you.

  18. Good luck! Your talents are many!

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