Casa de Paradiso


My husband and I have been fixing up our 1926 house for 8 1/2 years now.
It’s not finished – like that will ever be possible anyway – but it’s getting better all the time, so I thought I’d  join Rebecca @ each Sunday and do a series of Postcards from Paradise about it.

Let’s start in the living room…
the first room we walked into, and immediately fell in love with!

It’s rather small, but then, so are we…




It didn’t exactly look like this when we bought it…it was a disaster, really, but Mr. E and I agree that the fireplace clinched the deal for both of us!

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~ by Dawn Elliott on March 10, 2013.

9 Responses to “Casa de Paradiso”

  1. so cozy and lovely, your paradise of a home! i hope one day we can reveal our work in progress. with spring approaching all bets are off on more internal progress as a certain master gardener turns all his attention to seeds and soil. if patience is a virtue, i think i’ll die a saint!

  2. oh you have given me a great idea. Perhaps I will share postcards from gemmashouse as well sometimes. LOVE the color of the room and your fireplace IS awesome. I can tell you have turned it into home sweet home.

  3. The colors just grab me. Love it! Would love to sit in front of that fireplace. We’ve lived here since January 1, 1989. Older home as well and we continue to fix up. Right now we are replacing the skylight and then we start on the living room again…one’s home always involves work, but we love it. Our home is paid off so we are not going anywhere. We are here to stay. Like I told my husband out in the back patio a little while ago, “This is our home, don’t like the area, but I love our home.” We have planted too many trees, roses, bushes to leave it all behind. I live here, I’ll leave this earth here.
    Love your home Dawn, keep having fun with it. Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed the pictures and that color is calling to me.:)

  4. Oh, Oh Oh,…I came back to beg you to show us the kitchen. tee hee.

  5. love your little house. I could certainly live there.

  6. {{ Happiness
    with music
    so near the fireplace }}

  7. There is a Tuscan feel in your colour scheme! Beautiful sense of folky cosiness! Adore it!

  8. I love the coziness of your rooms. Once I loved BIG openness, but now I crave smaller in order to feel like I’m being snuggled.

  9. super cute…love it!!

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