Kitchen Paradise


Our house was built in 1926 as a tiny summer cabin.
I lived in its neighborhood…I even knew the owners as parents of 2 third grade students that I taught…and I always wanted to see inside it.


Last week I posted about the living room having that killer rock fireplace, hand wrought lighting fixtures, and beamed ceilings…
the kitchen was miniscule, cut-off, poorly designed…and had speckled pink formica when we finally got our first glimpse in 2004, to boot!

So, here are a few shots of it during the remodel process, which my husband and I, it seems, have almost completely blocked from our collective memories…
no doubt, as a survival technique.



Mr. E. did almost all the work, changing the entire floor plan, adding much-needed counter space and opening up the original kitchen and dining room to provide the biggest expanse that we have in the entire house.



We added a 1930 Magic Chef stove that we found in Payson, AZ, on the way home from visiting my parents….and we  ended up designing the whole kitchen around it.
I told Mr. E that it would need to work properly on all accounts, so we opted to have  it refurbished in Tuscon, by a true professional.  It was done by the guy who provided the two vintage red refrigerators – one perfect, one to be destroyed – that blew Harrison Ford into near-oblivian in one of the Indiana Jones movies!
I never saw that movie, but I have seen the clip a couple of times!

It did take a little getting used to, but it does make the kitchen more unique and authentic, than say…pink plastic?


Which room shall I share next Sunday???

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~ by Dawn Elliott on March 17, 2013.

7 Responses to “Kitchen Paradise”

  1. Oh Dawn
    Totlly awesome.
    LOVE your kitchen and that stove is righteous!

  2. love love love
    the dedication, craftsmanship, vision and know how all coming together in your lovely kitchen!

  3. I’m in love with the total look, especially the stove. 1930 Magic Chef, how did you ever find that. Lucky you. Love your kitchen and especially the color. You go girl!!

  4. I love everything! It’s bright, colorful and cozy…and don’t even get me started on that stove…..yum!

  5. What a magical and delightful kitchen ~ it is indeed paradise ~ Enjoy ^_^

  6. wellllll, dawn,
    i just want to get in there
    make someThing
    good to eat …
    {{ which i know you MUST do
    all the time }}

    love the warm color
    on all your walls
    this—>a 1930 Magic Chef stove !!

    good grief !!

    you ARE a fortunate One … }}

  7. My goodness! Paradise at home! Lovely!

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