Spring Oilcloth is On!


It’s a done deal at AlterEgoMexicana Studio…


The new, and exceedingly bright orange oil cloth has been chosen,


is on the work table,


and spring work is officially up and running…
Gotta go there now!


~ by Dawn Elliott on March 19, 2013.

3 Responses to “Spring Oilcloth is On!”

  1. Oooh wish I was there. Awesome. What are the crosses made of, if Imay ask. Looks very invinting. thanks for sharing.

  2. Orange isn’t generally my first choice, Dawn, but in this case it’s absolutely perfect. I’m wondering. Do you actually craft the crosses before you paint them?

  3. I love that oil cloth!! I have never seen any like that. They are so colorful!

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