The 1950’s Addition


 A second bedroom was added to the original 1926 summer cabin sometime in the 1950’s, which is now Mr. E’s office.


 He always has a ton of projects going on…like here, he’s been organizing and cataloguing old family photographs.


One window now looks out to the inner sanctum through the hallway window…


and the other side of the wall still has the original outside wood siding!Z

There’s “a little” work still waiting to be done…
the story of our lives!

~ by Dawn Elliott on March 31, 2013.

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  1. There will always be work on ones home. That’s what makes it a home. On the 10th. Of this new. Month, we are replacing the old skylight with a new one and after tahat, it is sheet rocking the living room. We never get done and we love our home. Excuse my typing, but I’m on my iPad And it is hard to type on small board. Hope EAster was wonderful for you. The LOrd has risen. Great week to you.

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