Iris Haiku


Spring thinks it rules
Yet overnight temps defy
Warmth has not won yet!

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~ by Dawn Elliott on April 19, 2013.

15 Responses to “Iris Haiku”

  1. You describe exactly how Spring is in the Netherlands at the moment… only we see dandelions and no irises… have a nice weekend!

  2. it was COLD last night! much care taking and covering up of countless seedlings. your iris are so beautiful and today feels warmer already!

  3. {{ i have been working
    in my warm florida garden
    this morning
    my iris
    have given way
    to hot-pink geraniums

    bragitty-brag-brag }}

  4. Beautiful irises…flags do well in the granite soil you have in Prescott. My Mom grew them there too.

  5. Ah, the lovely Iris. A most feminine looking flower.

  6. So lovely, words and picture!

  7. today is the first really warm day here, and that’s the way it is in New England – 4 seasons – almost winter, winter, end of winter, and summer…lol

  8. Oh the iris!
    Put you nose inside and sniff…
    smells just like sweet-tarts, doncha think?

  9. I’m gonna try it!

  10. Lucky you. I prefer the cool and temperatures are rising here. too soon it will be endlessly hot. I’m already thinking of Fall.

  11. I love irises. We also have quite a few. Days are getting nicer to keep planting. Have a great weekend.

  12. We have to wait another month or so to see any irises! Yours are lovely!

  13. No spring flowers here yet. It’s snowing tonight.

  14. here too… beautiful irises… our are just poking green through the earth.

  15. This is oh so true here in SW IN where I live. Happy Spring.

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