Mini Truck Haiku


Vintage toy treasures
Infused with hours of delight
Journeys start anew


I was at the swap meet last weekend and I came upon a
gentleman who was selling
miniature vintage cars and trucks.
So I bought a few…okay…a lot of them.


I am always excited to incorporate surprising metal elements into my artwork…


simply because it’s fun!


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~ by Dawn Elliott on April 25, 2013.

15 Responses to “Mini Truck Haiku”

  1. Great haiku, these blend into your art perfectly….good buy!

  2. A haiku about mini-trucks — who would have guessed it? Great finds, Dawn!

  3. I am in oooh and aaahhh over your mini-trucks… fabulous vintage colors they have! Wowzah! Love the haiku!

  4. May all those little cars take you to amazing places!

  5. Sweet little trucks that hold many memories. Love the second line of your haiku.

  6. Great Haiku and I love those little trucks. Awesome.

  7. I love the mini cars and trucks. I played with these types of toys as a child and I’ve certainly had my share of “real” ones in adulthood too! The Haiku speaks of them like long lost friends, and as soon as I saw them, I knew them. My Grandson just got a metal detector. The first time he used it he found a Matchbox toy car. I love the connection.
    And the metal artwork! I have been saving the metal cans that the brand of Italian imported olive oil comes in. I needed inspiration for a project or two where I can possibly use the metal cans. I feel inspired. Just hope i can get off my motorcycle enough, now that we have warm, enough weather to ride, so I can cut the metal into something that might resemble art.

    Much Peace sent your way.

  8. WOW! Love how you incorporated the cars into sacred hearts.

  9. oh, how I love mini almost anything! but cars and trucks, they are super. thanks for sharing

  10. They just say fun! You’ll get a lot of mileage out of this purchase!

  11. Every time I think, ‘that’s it, she couldn’t possibly top that’
    YOU DO! Oh my! Dawn, do you think I could be you for a few days?
    Just to see what it’s like…
    next stop Fashionista…

  12. How exciting to incorporate all those many hours of joyful play with the miniature cars into your art. Infused, indeed!

  13. seriously GREAT score on the metal wonders! looking good dawn!

  14. i love swap meets. you never know. the unexpected around the corner. the toys are marvelous as is your haiku and art.

  15. I seriously love that match box sacred heart car.

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