Rock Wall Haiku

Ever-working man
Finished yet another wall
Nearing perfection

There’s one more wall to do out back…
but maybe Mr. E can take a “break”
and do some other non-back-breaking project for awhile???

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~ by Dawn Elliott on May 23, 2013.

14 Responses to “Rock Wall Haiku”

  1. What a beautiful work of art. It is clear that it was painstakingly done!!! A most descriptive haiku. Shows your pride in him!! Have a grand weekend! Cathy

  2. how beautiful the wall and generous he is! If you have any macros to share, I’d love it if you’d participate in I Heart Macro tomorrow evening:-)

  3. Wow, what a talent! And yes, please, make sure his back gets some rest… and enjoy time together! Happy weekend.

  4. that husband of yours. capable of excelling at anything he puts his mind too! he is a craftsman extraordinaire. you both are masters at creating a home and yard that exude beauty, charm and grace.

  5. Oh, he’s sure to find another back-breaking project! 🙂

    Haiku My Star

  6. {{ oh
    oh Perfection, indeed !!
    does Ever-working man
    travel to florida ??

    was just rock*wall dreaming ♥ }}

  7. Hi Dawn. Hope all is well and that you had lots of sales. Love that rock wall. That would be great around my cactus garden way out back. My husband is like yours, always doing something around the house. Very nice, love it. Have a great weekend.

  8. Mr. E does wonderful landscaping. Love the way it
    curves around organically.

  9. He did a marvellous job!

  10. Good job, Mr. E! Stone walls are beautiful and last forever.

  11. well I know you all have an unlimited supply of these amazing rocks…well done!

  12. Magnificent wall, magnificent, hard-working husband, loving wife, photographer, artist and poet.

  13. There must be a great satisfaction in completing a wall like that! But yes, a rest for the muscles and back would be wise!
    Happy Weekend!

  14. Yes, yes. I vote for a break and play time for hubby. Then the final wall will be finished in no time and infused with lots of love.

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