Haiku Monsoon


Mighty trumpet yearns
 Sultry summertime is nigh
Calling monsoon rains


Every year it happens…
June arrives and the temperatures soar in Prescott.


It typically doesn’t rain in June, but the high temps
pull in the monsoons,
and give or take,
we usually get some relief around July 4th.


Monsoons can be scary at times, but it’s my favorite time of the year…
reminding me of past sojourns to Colorado…
a state that actually has moisture!


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~ by Dawn Elliott on June 27, 2013.

13 Responses to “Haiku Monsoon”

  1. May the monsoons, when they come, be gentle and refreshing!

    Sipping Stars

  2. I just love your studio and I have an exact plant. I think it’s called a lipstick vine. It’s beautiful. Great Haiku. Hopefully it won’t be too hot after monsoonlike weather.:) Take care. I’m still taking names and adding them to my closed blog. I usually close my blog in the evening hours to keep spammer’s out, but if you are signed up, you can still visit when the blog is closed. Let me know if you want to be added so that Blogger can add you to the list. Have a wonderful weekend. Take care.

  3. I don’t think I’d care for a monsoon. may it give you any relief you need. gorgeous, lush plant!

  4. I want this heat wave to move on before the humidity rises.
    Great images Dawn

  5. powerfully done

  6. well…not sure we have so much moisture this year, fires rage and we smile at each tiny breeze that brings a bit of relief.

    gorgeous trumpet vine you have

  7. May you have enough rain to cool and refresh the land and everything growing and rejuvenate your spirit!Haiku My Heart with Golden Stars and Sunflowers

  8. …sultry summertime is nigh ~ lovely line from wonderful haiku ~ Great photos too!

  9. Is that the Virgin Mary on the door?… Reminds me of my devout Catholic paternal grandma. I love it when it rains. You composed a beautiful monsoon haiku.

  10. dawn..i am so with you. bring on the monsoons, the thunder, generous down pours, the wind…all of it! yesterday i watched the impossible blue sky with huge shocking white clouds begin to form thunder heads and thought you just might be right!
    may your haiku turn the tide on this dry spell and call out the rain!!!

  11. Is that a Honeysuckle on the photos??? If so, it has big flowers!!! I love the pink porche, have a great weekend and some rain soon… we’ve seen too much of that in the Netherlands, you can have it now 😉

  12. beautiful haiku and such vibrant trumpets:-)

  13. Cool pics and lush too!! High temperatures can burn the flora and fauna and so I do hope the monsoons keep their date!!

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