Sanctuary Haiku


Where I go to play
Messy work it is indeed
Time is magic here


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~ by Dawn Elliott on June 6, 2013.

9 Responses to “Sanctuary Haiku”

  1. beautiful joyful magic!!!

  2. What a beautiful creative place! Would love to make a mess around there. Your haiku needs no explanation whatsoever.


  3. good morning dawn! so lovely to see you and your studio teaming with beauty and love.

  4. Your sanctuary is
    and you are
    Shiny, Holy, Beautiful!!!

  5. I like looks of your playground!

  6. Cool. Funny how time evaporates while
    doing what you LOVE.

  7. what a cheerful spot in which to work!

  8. Everyone should have a sanctuary! Yours is lovely!Haiku My Heart Sunny

  9. The messier the more creative!

    Nuzzling haiku

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