My Interview



 As a direct result of my show at the Raven Café this summer,
I was asked to do an interview for new up-and-coming local news magazine called 5ENCES.


The interview itself took place at the Raven, and was totally delightful…like talking with an old friend about my favorite topics…
Mexico, working with my hands, creating something new from something old.


There was a quick photo shoot in my studio…and although I was troubled that all of my best artwork was still up at the show…
I was caught working quite intensely to remedy that!


Save forgetting to add that pesky “t” at the end of Elliott
(which I’ve found is a very common mistake, and one that I need to take responsibility for),
I enjoyed the whole process entirely.

Many thanks to Nicholas and Sadira De Marino for this awesome experience!

~ by Dawn Elliott on July 2, 2013.

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  1. Congratulations Dawn! What an honor and well deserved. Keep on creating. I love your art.

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