Sign Crazy Haiku


Signs of yesteryear
Printed beacons whisp’ring tales
Blessing now our home

Mr. E and I love vintage signs!
We started with one wall,


then I began collecting signs from Mexico for my studio,


then we moved into the way-back yard,

and now we just put a 1940’s Royal Crown Cola sign on the original ’26 garage.

IMG_2002Can’t seem to stop!

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~ by Dawn Elliott on July 26, 2013.

12 Responses to “Sign Crazy Haiku”

  1. In my travels, I have come across peoples homes that are decorated in such a way. I love the color, the memories. I think I have a couple. E-mail your address and I’ll send them for your collection.
    Your haiku is spot on. Printed beacons indeed. Very nice. Thanks for sharing more glimpses of your life.


  2. Your home is a museum!
    I love looking at your treasures
    and listening to your bouncy
    song that is you.
    I really can hear you…ya know?

  3. super cool… I love my collection of old vintage signs !!

  4. This a fun place, I can tell. It was so fun, I had to go back and find the haiku! 🙂

  5. I love how your art blends in with the signs. We have old liscense lates and a couple of old trucks on our garage….not as colorful and lovely as your signs though……

  6. And what wonderful tales those old signs tell bringing back so many memories!

  7. You make me wax nostalgic. I drank Dad’s Root Beer as a child!

    Haiku My Heart Riversong

  8. I love vintage signs, many I remember with fondness. It’s great that the two of you share that.

  9. Big smile. So fun. Love the old signs.

  10. Love all the signs…there is a bit of the unexpected everywhere. So delightful!

  11. Lovely haiku about your ‘vintage treasures’ and great photos ~ thanks ^_^

  12. seeing each one reminds me of the long road trip from Connecticut to san diego as a young girl. so simple…bright and
    full of family memories.

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