Summer Work Haiku

 Summer brought freedom and joy
Now I have to work!


Last night Mr. E and I were having dinner with a teacher friend who just spent several weeks in Durango, where she and her husband recently purchased their retirement home.

She was talking about all the fun they had…
hiking, biking, playing music, painting, picking cherries and making jam, swimming, photographic adventures, home improvements, throwing pots, and more.


When asked what we had been up to all summer, we were at a loss…
we’ve hosted a couple of gatherings…
worked on the yard and the rental property…
had a couple of out of town friends visit…
and I realized that mostly, I’ve been working steadily on my art!


Having had my biggest art show ever in May-June and another show on the Santa Fe square August 3-4, I’ve been working almost non-stop.

I don’t know if this retirement thing is all it’s cracked up to be…

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~ by Dawn Elliott on July 19, 2013.

11 Responses to “Summer Work Haiku”

  1. Your haiku tells me you might wonder if it’s worthwhile to retire. I have never worked as hard as i do not that I don’t work for wages. In fact, I won’t even use thew word “retirement” because i know there is no such thing. But to stay busy doing what you want to do is thew key. I am finding m,ore and more ways to have fun.
    One fun thing to do would be a visit to Durango and a meal at the Durango Diner. A great little hole in the wall that has great Chile Verde and a hand dipped country fried steak that is to die for. I was asked to work there in 1993 but turned them down as I was then cooking at the 7th Street Cafe in Grand Junction, CO.
    I love your art, and probably more, the fact that your workspace looks “well traveled” and not just a place to store stuff. You seem to actually have projects going on constantly. I do to, but never get to them, it seems.

    Much Peace

  2. What a nice retirement package for yourself. Wishing you the best. I like the haiku

  3. You and I seem to be on the same page, because our tongues stumble when we try to say the word ‘retirement.’

    Barbs of Loneliness

  4. But if you do what you love, is it really work?

  5. Recently retired I do have to work more now as well.

  6. Yeah, I know the feeling. I retired then not, then retired, then not. Sigh……..will it ever end, either one or the other? But your summer spent with art seems worth it! Art was your vacation. You cant do that if you are teaching all day.

  7. So jealous of the retirement and more time for art!

  8. It is what we make it and I just realized I forgot how to ‘play’ and became a ‘work horse’ again and then stopped and ‘got a gallery sitter’ ~ now I am learning to ‘relax’ and dabble ~ Your haiku is right on! And your art work marvelous!

  9. You must be still enjoying the flow if you keep on making such lovely things 1
    Take some time for fun this weekend, Lovely One !
    Happy Weekend !

  10. Hi Dawn♥
    I have really missed being here…
    I had to see everything I didn’t!
    Your blog is like the best coffee table book ~ever,
    I pore over each picture, each work of art,
    and find things I can hardly believe!
    What a find that “Santo” license plate was…Santo was my dad’s name, how cool, right?
    And I saw a crown in the garden too!
    You are amazing woman!

  11. Oh I would say that it is everything it’s cracked up to be. You are doing what you love; you are creating, continually creating. That is the nice thing about retirement. You can do as little or as much as you want and when you want. I’m loving it.

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