The Pile Grows

Every time I get ready to do a show, I start to pile up all the pieces on my living room floor.


I need to see them all… from small to big…so I can access what I have and price them accordingly.


I agonize over the pricing part:
I want them to be affordable for people, yet I need to get a fair price for the time, work, materials, show and travel costs, and any “creative genius” that they might have.


Right now I have 39 pieces finished.
I have one week to go…
and I’m shooting for 60+!
Since I’m getting ready for my stepson’s wedding immediately after I get back from Santa Fe,
and I work one of the days prior…
it’s definitely time for some prayers!

~ by Dawn Elliott on July 24, 2013.

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  1. ::Sending you prayer:::) Hi Dawn. Hope you are doing well. Wow, looks like a real show is about to happen. I’m sure they’ll go fast. Your pieces are awesome. Have fun.

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