Garden Wildeness


Walls cannot contain
Tempest growing out of hand
Fav’rite time of year


Need I say more?


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~ by Dawn Elliott on August 30, 2013.

11 Responses to “Garden Wildeness”

  1. {{ i love
    when the garden makes its own walls,
    don’t you ??

    ~~Tempest growing out of hand~~
    floral rooms of color & fragrance …

    takes me back to my childhood
    when i would hide
    under the camellia bushes
    to read
    no one could find me }}

  2. a garden gone wild…be still my heART!

  3. Oh, I can relate! Beautiful tempest, wild has much to teach us.

  4. I love wild gardens and we have them too. It’s awesome. Love your gardens Dawn.:) Have a great weekend.

  5. lovely greens

  6. life breaks through most anywhere ~ lovely haiku and photos ~ thanks, carol ^_^

  7. Oh I do love the wildness of the garden in late summer! Beautiful!

  8. did I spot a bathtub? I miss having wildflowers growing every which way as I had outside our screened back porch! My youngest and talented husband put together a pond with a waterfall from castoffs from family and a friend. heavenly!

  9. Enchanting place for the faeries to play.

  10. Wall don’t stand a chance! Nice haiku 🙂

  11. These kinds of tempests sometimes try my soul!

    Peace in Plums

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