Sunflowers Ruleth


Gardens  in their prime
 Sunflow’rs thrive among the fray
Thus they reign supreme
…for now


But a couple of year ago, it was the hollyhocks that totally kicked butt in the same exact spot!


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~ by Dawn Elliott on August 16, 2013.

16 Responses to “Sunflowers Ruleth”

  1. yes…sunflowers rule in my roost as well..

    next year I may make room for all the zinnia and marigold I planted but were squeezed out!

  2. Love sunflower haiku ~ they are delightful aren’t they. ~ pretty photos ~ thanks, carol, xo

  3. Oh how those summer blooms get us right in the heart and creative mind ! Love them !
    Happy Summer, Dawn !

  4. lovely photos

  5. gorgeous, radiant and wild!

  6. From hollyhocks to sunflowers is not a bad transition!

  7. Abundant glorious sunflowers and sending my love to the Hollyhocks too.

  8. beauty blooms
    just like you
    sweet colors

  9. Sunflowers rule! Bur then again Hollyhocks rule too!

  10. Sunflowers are my favorites next to Hollyhocks. Those seeds you sent me a while back, they came out this year. I did a post on it and showed the flowers. I also saved the seeds for next year.

  11. Love sunflowers. I planted some this spring, they were germinating, and one morning the tiny seed atop the stem was….gone! And the poor thing withered and died only an inch or so tall. I know why. Squirrels use my fence as a highway. The sunflower pot was in their way. Yum! Maybe someday I will get more seeds and try again. Love your natural looking garden.

  12. fertile, loving ground.
    Mother Nature invented crop rotation 🙂
    You look so pretty♥♥

  13. I love your hiaku. A lady of hidden talents.

  14. i love priti lisa’s comment, so sweet and so true!
    you look gorgeous in the thriving of summer.

  15. Both are my favorites! Beautiful!

  16. Very beautiful~

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