Workin’ in the Rain


Summer rains delight
Cool moisture feeds my soul, yet
Interrupts my work!


Don’t get me wrong here…I totally love the summer rains,
but I find it really hard to work on my art, since much of what I do is outside.


Every day, I go out and dump the water…from just about everything…and hope that it will all dry out enough to start again.

Everything’s wet,
glue won’t glue,
paint won’t dry,
wax isn’t warm enough…
maybe I should just get a clue and occupy myself in a different manner for awhile, yes?

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~ by Dawn Elliott on August 23, 2013.

9 Responses to “Workin’ in the Rain”

  1. Yes, but what great patina your jumble of pieces get when they sit in the water. Maybe some baskets that drain would be helpful, just sayin’
    I am impressed by your art and the space and objects you use to create. Your haiku today told a story of your environment and existence. Very cool!


  2. love the line …’cool moisture feeds my soul’ ~ always interruptions ~ pause is so good in life ~ like breathing ~ thanks, carol, xo

  3. Your beautiful art is made all the more lovely in summer rain. Perhaps try assemblage on a warm dry day. LOVE you and your ART

  4. oh, but the rain gives color to your art that cannot exist in any other way, right? I like the idea of baskets that drain. soft summer rains are a favorite of mine, but it seems we either get storms or no rain in recent times.

  5. Sometimes we are just clueless… 😉

    My Lady Wisdom

  6. Awesome rain, I so look forward to it. It will definitely give you that rustic look you love. Have a Great weekend Dawn, take care. gloria

  7. Sometimes real work gets done
    with inactivity…
    at least for me,
    thinking things over
    leads me…♥♥♥

  8. What would we do without rain? 😉

    Haiku My Heart Broken Things

  9. patience is not only a great virtue but can also be a spark to take a new creative direction… love your haiku too!

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