Daddy-Daughter Art Show

Daddy Daughter Show
Talent spewing from their pores
First one of its kind


I visited my family in Show Low, Arizona last weekend and was thrilled to be there while my Dad and my sister had a joint art show up at the Northland Pioneer College Gallery…a first of its kind.


My father, Vernon F. Reeves, age 85, is a talented painter, as well as an incredible wood carver and sculptor.


My sister can do anything…painting, drawing, sculpting, 3-D art, pen and ink…
and all extremely well. 
She amazes me regularly.


They only had  a few days to get everything together…


and they did a dynamite job, I’d say!


It’s really very sweet, don’t ya know!

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~ by Dawn Elliott on September 26, 2013.

13 Responses to “Daddy-Daughter Art Show”

  1. Beautiful and amazing. You are blessed to have such a talented family. And at 85, your dad is one strong and handsome dude I must say.

  2. {{ how lovely
    to see the talents of your family
    shared here !!

    creativity runs in the Whole Family !! }}

  3. How exciting for you all as a family……maybe someday you will have a “Two Sisters and Their Dad Show”.

  4. so special
    and how wonderful that you were there to celebrate with the entire talented group!

  5. This must have been a joy filled occasion for all of you!

  6. Genetic creativity is obvious here Dawn.
    You are all amazing.

  7. What a wonderfully talented family ! How great that you were there to celebrate their accomplishments with them.
    Happy Friday, Dawn !

  8. What a loving and creative post ~ beautiful work combo of Daddy and Daughter ~ carol ^_^

  9. so cool that they did this together!

  10. What a fantastic concept!

  11. i can’t begin to imagine just how sweet this would feel. father and daughter sharing so abundantly together. it could have been a father and daughters show; you all just exude creativity!

  12. How great Dawn. Creativity in the family is very stimulating. Nice post.:)

  13. Clearly runs in the family! Congratulations to all of you. Hope the show has a lovely and lucrative run.

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