Focus Haiku

For better or worse
Focus on one area
To hell with the rest!

Oh sure, there are people who seemingly maintain “doing it all”…in fact, I think I used to be one of them!
But more and more, I find myself really focusing on one or two areas at a time…




my husband,




the house,


my antique booth,






the home front,


and my mini-job at a friend’s boutique …

only to let things lag in the other areas!

Ah, the circle of life…
yet it’s a pretty darn good one!

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~ by Dawn Elliott on September 13, 2013.

12 Responses to “Focus Haiku”

  1. I don’t know how you do it all!
    But which of those lovely things could
    you ever part with?
    There is always time enough
    for what matters most.
    did you hear me gasp
    when I saw the first picture?
    Because I did!
    That is going to be my favorite artwork EVER!

  2. lovely photos especially of your husband and family. Yes focus on one or two areas if you can’t handle all. A fine post

  3. With all those subjects to keep you occupied, there would seem like no time for anything else. Besides, it you have all you need. Wonderful!


  4. dear dawn,
    i think that is my most favorite piece of yours! just completely delights me every time i see it! yes, the balancing of ones heart and focus. beautiful photographs of all your loves.
    glad to be apart of them.

  5. luv the boutique; have a nice Friday

    much love…

  6. Oh My, I am glad to meet you!!!!!!!!
    Love your angel piece!

  7. Wonderful ‘life’ haiku ~ you got your ‘priorities’ right ~ happy weekend , carol,xo

  8. Lots to focus on. One at a time is a good motto.

  9. You seem to have a wide focus! 😉

  10. Focus was my word to try to achieve this year…. I keep trying but I am too easily sidetracked by flashy bits and pretty bobbins!

  11. How wonderful to enjoy such a full life! 🙂

  12. beauty appears in each image, esp. the first one! is that mud or pudding? but you’re centering on quite a bit more than one or two areas: I presume you center on no more than two at a time. however you do it, I always enjoy myself when I visit here.

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