BBBS Art Fair – Tucson!

Maybe this can go somewhere
Make or break it time


This year, my dear friend, Sallie, and I have decided to do an outside art show side-by-side in Tucson.
It’s the Tucson Big Brothers and Big Sisters Organization’s biggest fund-raiser of the year…
and is my first solo act at a show of this type, ever!


Oh sure, I’ve done gallery shows at the Art’s Prescott Co-op,


and a three-person show at the Newman Gallery.


Another  friend and I have teamed up with other artists for a local fine arts and crafts show for the past 20 years
(where my medium has changed a few times)!


I’ve done a joint show in Santa Fe with my friend Leia,


and I did a two-person show at the Raven Cafe this past spring…
but this is the first time I’ll have my own booth!

I’ll be sure to report back on whether or not I’ll ever want to do it again!

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~ by Dawn Elliott on October 17, 2013.

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  1. Please link your Haiku My Heart to Rebecca’s Mornings with Mary: Loving Lupita.

    Let’s keep our haiku community going this Friday, while Rebecca is in San Miguel de Allende. Thank you!

  2. It is a make it time, Dawn and i wish you all the best!

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