Project Progress

 Master creator
Always working with his hands
Legacy is mine


I visited my mom and dad recently in the White Mountains of eastern Arizona.
Every time I go, my Dad (seen here at his recent Daddy-Daughter Show at the local college gallery),
requests that I bring a project that he can help with in his workshop.
We have father-daughter-shop-time – my favorite!


Dad has always worked with his hands, as a carpenter, cabinet maker, builder, and multi-media artist.
He’s a master at detail work and fine crafting.
So, I had him help me cut out wooden hearts and retablos.



 I primed them…which doesn’t look so great..
but one must be patient!


They’ll soon look something like this…


and finally morph into something like this

Wish I had the photos of this new batch ready to show, but they’re simply not sufficiently presentable yet.

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~ by Dawn Elliott on October 10, 2013.

8 Responses to “Project Progress”

  1. How awesome to be able to make art with your dad. I’m so envious. Your wood creations are wonderful. Would you tell me what kind of wood you use, as I love working on wood but just have not found the right one yet. Your haiku is great..what a legacy you have.

  2. Beautiful legacy, Dawn.

  3. Thank you for sharing your project. It’s nice to work with family members. My daughter, daughter, granddaughter and I art & craft t together sometimes.

  4. Beautiful work and even more beautiful with you and your Dad as a team ~ so blessed ~ happy weekend to you ~ carol ^_^

  5. father-daughter-shop-time is the BEST! so happy for you and your lovely dad!

  6. I find myself lost in colours.. mu eyes shine here on this wonderful post..

    I am here..

    Do visit..

  7. So love seeing father/daughter time! Love the White Mountains too!

  8. How wonderful to share this love for creating with your Dad. My Dad LOVES photography, something I only got “into” in the past five years… now it is a shared passion. Better late than never:-)

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