Embroidery Rush!

•May 18, 2014 • 6 Comments


Over the years I’ve fervently collected and worn scads of colorful bohemian and ethnic clothing.
Seriously…they turn me on, man!


From vintage handmade Guatemalan cloth to my old Mexican jacket…


to tops made more recently in all parts of Latin America…


like this piece of art
- made by an award winning Oaxacan family -
that was totally hand stitched
using an old traditional method that actually separates the cloth fibers.

Some pieces are more contemporary,
from brands such as Johnny Was, Biya, Free People, and Lucky.


I think about the time,
the intent,
the working hands,
and the cultures
that created these soulful pieces.


This love of beauty, the work ethic, the talent, the boldly jeweled colors…
the serious delight that these masterpieces have brought into my life.

What turns you on – style-wise, that is???

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Party On, Yo!

•May 4, 2014 • 6 Comments

My husband is turning 60 this week and yours truly wanted to have a party.
So instead of blogging, I’ve been living, eating, and breathing party.
It finally happened last Friday.


We had the outstandingly incredible Drew Hall and Anton Teschner play.
Words cannot express my amazement and delight when these guys jam.
I’m blown away every time.
This photo doesn’t exactly portray that energy and gaiety…the friendly instrumental sparing I’m speaking of…
but truly, it was outrageously magnificent.


Aren’t these youngsters cuter that the devil himself?


Looks like a stage, doesn’t it?
It’s the blurry cocktail indulgences.


As for ping-pong,
I think that men are surprised at my competency at the table, if I do say so myself.
They start out so nice…
but quickly get spooked by the would-be humiliation of losing to a girl
only to revert to their cut-throat tactics and spinny serves that often get me in the end…


The weather had been cool and windy for a solid week before the party,
but somehow the weather was 76* with a faint breeze that day.


Everybody was to bring a salad…and people made some delightfully special ones.
It was genius!
Seriously…try it this summer.

Truth is,
my dear Nancy made homemade sourdough bread
and sweetie Beth made gluten-free blueberry/peach crisps,


 I was checking out who was hanging near the coolers…if you know what I mean?
Uh huh…uh huh


Friends old and new
A Sweet Husband
BadAss Music
Perfect Weather
Favorite People
Great Energy
Awesome Salads
Homemade Bread
Varied Thirst Quenchers
Party Favors
Dessert from Scratch


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Duplicate Favorites

•April 20, 2014 • 10 Comments

Do you buy more than one of favorite pieces in different colors?
I do, big time!
Often, I’ll buy the first one retail,
but later find more on E-bay
or at Ross/Marshall’s/TJ Maxx/Nordstrom Rack/HauteLook,
or sometimes,
I will even score one at a thrift store!


My first and foremost duplicates are Raj tunics.
They’re so pretty and light and airy, but give wonderful, cool summer coverage.
In reality, they are actually swimsuit cover-ups.
I got my first one at Marshall’s  for $13 and the rest on E-bay.


I have several Earth Creations Sadie tunics…
they’re like sweatshirts with pockets and are much more versatile.
A quick choice to run to the market, work around the house, or to wear to the gym.
Plus, they’re made of organic cotton and hemp!
Select colors go on sale at the Earth Creations website regularly.


I have several color variations of Hard Tail tunic tees,
which are great layering basics, as well,
and can also be used to workout in.


Then there are my Flax dresses
- so easy to throw on -


and my Free People layering Trapeze Slips,
which are romantic and sweeter than the dickens!
They come in tons of colors and flair out at the bottom,
which works well for some outfits,


but for a slimmer silhouette,
these Allen Allen tank tunics are another great choice.
I got more when they went on sale…
and dyed them to suit my color palate.


These lightweight Free People jerseys give good coverage, too,
and look good with skirts and jeans,
plus they layer well over the sleeveless tanks and dresses.
Tying a little knot in them makes them even more fun and versatile.


These Subtle Luxury crocheted shrugs are a stylish and sweet way to get a little coverage
while still staying cool…
in every sense of the word.


Finally, I bought a pair of SAS sandals for comfort as my foot continues to heal,
and then found a pair on E-Bay at a fraction of the cost!
I plan to live in these this summer.


I have a lot of clothes.
What can I say?
Regardless…does anyone else out there practice dupli-purchasing???
Or am I just totally out of control???

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Moody Couture

•April 12, 2014 • 7 Comments

I love the idea of laying out my clothes before I hit the sack…
it doesn’t seem to work very well for me…
this woman-of-many-moods that I am.

It totally depends how I feel on that particular day:


I might feel pudgy,
but I go straight into denial
as I search for something especially slimming.


I might feel washed out,
and need something to brighten me up,
so I go for my favorite reds, corals, pinks, or purples.


I might feel cranky,
so I wear something a bit more subdued
as to not heighten my volatility.


I might be freezing,
and need something to warm my bones,
so I hunt for multi-layering pieces.


Then again,
I might be too hot,

so I want to cover up my delicate skin,
but still be cool.


I might be working at the boutique
so I choose to wear something
especially fun and hip and edgy.




I’m pretty much always casual,
searching for that easy-to-throw-on-and-always-look-great kinda look…
the simple go-to’s that work every time.

I’m curious…
can anyone out there consistently and successfully
pick out your ensembles the night before???
I wanna know your secrets.

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Fashion Show

•April 6, 2014 • 6 Comments

On Friday night at the historic Hassayampa Hotel in downtown Prescott, AZ,
there was a fashion show/dinner/fundraiser benefiting “the arts.”

Photo: "ENCORE"<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Today's Prescott Center for the Arts Charter Auxiliary's meeting was full of excitement as the final plans were layed for this years Fashion Show & Dinner Theater. Full of great Food, Fashion, Musical entertainment and Fun! This years, 20's theme, show at the historical Hassayampa Inn promises to be the best ever.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
for details call Veronica (928) 273-0169.

The fashion show featured three downtown clothing boutiques
and I was one of the models for Clothes Hound.


It was decided that I would wear my 4 Love and Liberty tunic dress,
seen here,
but without the pencil skirt.


I dressed it up with black tights,
flapper pearls,
a scarf,
vintage marcasite earrings,
and a flower and feather headband.

Luckily, just the day before, I graduated to “real” shoes,
and and dug out some black ankle booties I could wear.
They aren’t exactly the style of the roaring ’20′s, but they felt like a miracle for me!

Behind the scenes, we all got dressed and coiffed and made-up,
while being wined and dined…


then all the models hung around in the lobby
listening to live jazz music,
and chatting with the patrons during the cocktail hour.

Here’s Clothes Hound’s crew, all dolled up as flappers!


1920′s French Beaded Jacket

Dressing up is still a blast at any age, no?

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•March 31, 2014 • 5 Comments

one hates to dwell on the negative,
but it seems that these past 6 weeks that I have been
waiting/praying/taking it uber-easy/trying to stay of it so my broken foot could heal
have been for naught!

X ray 2

I got my follow-up x-rays Friday, and the break (*can you find it?)
looks about the same as it did on February 19th…a big, gaping crack.
I had a my radiologist-brother take a look and he said,
“You have non-union – not good.
Probably need to get a surgery to approximate the ends of the bone.”

Medical costs????
Another 6 weeks + of taking it easy?#*&%^$@!


Steve Madden – Youth size 4, from Dillard’s

I have a life, man!
I really need some decent exercise!
I wanna wear my strappy summer sandals!!!

I do have an appointment with an orthopedic doc on Wednesday,
so at least they got me in quickly…
but needless to say, I’m kinda bummed…
I mean, this has presented quite the fashion challenge.


I’m still trying to incorporate black into my daily outfits
and not call excess attention to my bootie,
but it’s actually springtime now,
and who wants to wear a lot of black?


this has become one of my go-to outfits,

consisting of a bright coral Free People Trapeze Slip
(worn backwards for more coverage)

and a Caite floral embroidered cardigan, made of jersey knit.
I’m enamored by that swingy shark bite hem


and its sweet and colorful embroidery…
which suckers-me-in pretty much every time
and goes with a myriad of solids.

Paired with skinny jeans or leggings, it’s quick, easy, fun, and not too dark,
like, for instance, my mental state.
But fear not…

*mid-foot, on the 5th metatarsal, aka baby-toe bone…damn!

Summer Diet

•March 23, 2014 • 10 Comments

Who would have thought that a tee-shirt would have a name in the first place?


Who would have thought that the name would be “Summer Diet?”


Who would have thought that said tee would have rough edges on it when bought as “new?”


Who would have thought that retro fruit would be so deliciously sweet?


Who would have thought that it would be so crazy versatile?







And who would have thought that this lightish pink, sloppy tee
could cast a spell over this die-hard-jewel-tone gal?


All that and more,
in this refreshingly sweet “Summer Diet” Tee
from Wildfox.

Do you have a favorite summer tee???

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Destroyed Denim

•March 15, 2014 • 6 Comments

For awhile now
I’ve been looking for a knee-length destroyed denim skirt with a little ‘edge.’


Enter this Free People skirt in “Garage Wash.”
It kinda looks like I single-handedly tuned-up a car while wearing it,
and spilled some grease and battery acid on it in the process!
It’s serioulsy trashed…and even dirty looking…
and despite my alleged common sense,
in a dauntingly weird way,
I actually like it.


I’ve been needing something ‘casual’ to tuck my shorter shirts into,


like these embroidered beauties by BIYA,
a sister company of another favorite brand, Johnny Was.


I’ve been wanting something I could wear with bare (envision tanner) legs
and perhaps even shoes, when that pesky 5th metatarsal heals.
Something  edgy…unique…fun!


I used to think that if my denim had holes in it,
it was me who should have made those holes,
by golly!

So call me crazy/punky/gross/weird/too old/grungy/stoopid…
but now I’m thinking that successfully destroyed fabric is a bit of an art.


I don’t know why or when or how destroyed denim has become so cool,
but I do believe that I have officially been suckered into its steely jaws.

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Brightening Up!

•March 14, 2014 • 1 Comment

Word on the street is that my black bootie
and my choice of black clothing
might need a little brightening up.


People suggested that I
“add some COLOR”
wrap a colorful scarf around it and flaunt it”
“paint it”
…but remember, I’m really trying to camouflage that boot,
and hope nobody notices my exceedingly pronounced limp…ya think?


BB Dakota Southwest Stripe Cardigan

So, I grabbed my skinny jeans and a long black tee,
and threw on a few colorful sweaters to liven things up,
 on top.


J Jill Aztec Fringe Sweater

These really aren’t my best colors,
but I love the style and flow of this sweater so much,
it’s definitely a keeper.


It took me awhile to get there…


Free People Lima Hooded Maxi Sweater

but this was the clear winner for me today.

everyone thinks it’s just fine to call me a gimp
(and then chuckle under their breath)
…but in all seriousness,
I just don’t want people to start callin’ me drab!
That will not do.


•March 9, 2014 • 12 Comments

Do you think anyone will notice…


my ‘Humil-a-Bootie’
if I wear it with other black footwear?

Since I’m somewhat of the matchy-matchy bent,
and  I don’t want to draw undue attention to said bootie,


I’ve been scouring my closet for all my black items

in the hope of conjuring up new and interesting combinations
that I plan to post every couple of days during my penance.


Until further notice
it seems that my basic uniform will consist of the following:


 I have my solid blacks…


 the blacks with a little something added…


and the somethings with a little black mixed in.

My task is to explore some new combos that are
interesting and fresh,
fun and edgy,
brilliant and perky…
but with a much more limited palate than I’m used to.


I mean, here they are, folks…
my three pairs of low heeled black boots.
The others are dead to me right now.


So here we go!
I’m attempting to lighten things up today with a ruffled tunic,
flowy cardigan,
…and my left Old Gringo boot.

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