And the Winner Is…



This seems to be my very favorite go-to casual outfit this summer.


I’m covering my butt with this sweet pink Scrapbook slip,
topped with a Johnny Was rayon blouse
(Add That Third Piece),
in a rich eggplant color…


Enter my new Rock Revival “destroyed skinny boyfriend jeans.”
I found them on HauteLook for $49 after trying all these expensive jeans from Zappos
none of which fit my body or my budget well at all.
(And no doubt the UPS guy and the mail carrier, both, thought I was this
HauteLook had only one size left…so I just went for it…and they were perfect!
I mean, how cool was it to not have to agonize over the right size for half an hour?


All the (bigger) holes are reinforced with a layer of cloth underneath, so it’s impossible to put your toes in and immediately tear your brand-new-perfectly-destroyed-jeans on the first, or any, wearing!
Sssmmaaaarrtt  move, yes?


And let us not forget these comfy aubergine Danskos,
which, once again, make me all  matchy-matchy.
But no worries…
I like to think about it as tying the top and the bottom together
in an understated,
yet sophisticated manner.

Yeah…that’s the story!

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8 Responses to “And the Winner Is…”

  1. Cute and youthful style. I hope you will stop by and enter to win a pair of jeans from Coldwater Creek.

  2. I can see why this is your all time favorit go to summer outfit. It looks so comfy and yet playful and chic all in one. Well done!

  3. very cute – modern and fun. I have put my toes through the holes before, so this is a great idea : > Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  4. So your vibe…but how scary was ordering those jeans online? Did you already know they would fit your body? YIKES

  5. I love the eggplant color, especially for the shoes! And I’d kinda like to think that I destroyed a boyfriend or two in my day.

  6. That layer of cotton under the large holes also keeps the pants from falling apart. The holes get out of control over time; I remember having natural holes in a few pair of jeans and eventually I had to throw them away because the holes got too large and the jeans fell apart. They were sometimes turned into cut-offs after that (I will never understand paying for cut-offs). So funny our society pays for the damage done to garments and now, with these cotton reinforcements, we can maintain the damage done. I will have to contemplate this one further, thank you for the inspiration! I love these colors. xo

  7. Is it cooling off there? Not here. Can I have some cool air if there’s any to spare?
    You look adorable … very boho-effortless chic. It’s an ageless look, and so works with your personal vibe.

  8. Great boho look and I love the color scheme

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