Bejeweled Sandals

I have weird sized and shaped feet…
(Do most women feel that way?)
yet I somehow manage to have
quite a collection of footwear.

White Mountain "Bam" Beaded Coral Sandals

White Mountain “Bam” Beaded Coral Sandals

This year’s theme seems to be beaded sandals.

White Mountain Blue Beaded Sandals

White Mountain “Blue Jay” Beaded Sandals

I’m not into classic “bling” at all…after all I’m a bohemian gal…and these literally knocked my socks off!

Matisse Beaded Tribal Sandals

Matisse Beaded Tribal Sandals

Cute…all under $50…comfortable…colorful…and boho!

I’m happy to report that I culled 3 pairs of sandals as these came in…
a basic rule of thumb for us “collectors!”

Find a great selection of these and other White Mountain beaded sandals @

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  1. Beads! I found a great pair, similar to the bottom photo, at Target a year or two ago. Bargain, absolutely, and they have enough colors to go with lots of things.

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