Black Summer Sandals?

We’ve all heard not to wear dark shoes because they can “cut the line” and make you look shorter, right?

Well, I’m 5’1″…can I really make myself look any shorter than that?


I just bought these uber-cute Earthies sandals, but now I’m wondering of I’m cutting my own legs off, so to speak???


I do look pretty short…
not like that’s anything new!


So for now, maybe these beauties will work best with skirts.
Truth is, wearing most anything black can be trick mid-summer…

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~ by admin_aef on July 17, 2013.

5 Responses to “Black Summer Sandals?”

  1. I like black even in summer. I have never heard that about black shoes, and I don’t believe it. You look great in these.

  2. Oh good grief, there are rules for everything, aren’t there? If you like the sandals, wear the sandals, that’s what I think! And they are very stylish, and look great with both the skirt and the jeans. xxx

  3. No one pays attention to the “rule” that you shouldn’t wear white until Memorial Day. This is a benefit of living in the 21st century- we’re changing and ignoring those rules!

  4. You’re so funny! The shoes are FAB! They work perfectly in both instances… I believe that if you wear them with confidence, you’ll appear five inches taller!

  5. Love this blog, thanks so much for brightening my day every week. I am having more fun in my closet as a result!

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