Black Tie Affair

I’ve been working my one day a week at Clothes Hound – my girlfriend’s daughter’s clothing boutique – for almost 2 years now,
and since it opened/I started, my clothing budget has been…
well, maybe I shouldn’t use the word budget.


So, when this very girlfriend invited me to the local Humane Society’s annual fundraising dinner recently,
I was sent into a bit of a tailspin because it was a semi-formal event…
and I found that I did’t really have any such fancy attire,
save some killer vintage pieces that are a bit tight at the moment.


So I put together an all-black outfit that suited me just fine.


For one thing,
I don’t care too much for conventional dressing.


For two things,
these pictures were taken after copious wine consumption.


And for three things,
I got to wear my (albeit round-toed) witch shoes, which is always a kick!


Black Lace Top – Thrifted
Tunic – Johnny Was
Rushed Pencil Skirt – Weston Wear
Witch Booties – Gee Wa Wa

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7 Responses to “Black Tie Affair”

  1. I have that problem, too, when I need to dress up. If you do it once a decade it’s hard to justify a fancy dress. You did great here. That black skirt would look so classy with anything, and it’s the right season for witch shoes!

  2. You’ll always be perfect in all-black, this is a great look! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  3. Taking funny photos, after too much wine? Nope, no idea what you’re talking about, I NEVER do that…
    Your outfit is perfect for the fundraising dinner – classy and elegant with an injection of your own style and personality! Love those shoes too! Hope the evening was fun. xxxx

  4. How much fun…I would love to work a couple of days in a boutique. You’ve done great with dressing up here. have a fun week!!

  5. You look completely appropriate, even if you were a little inebriated! Clearly, you were perfectly dressed to have a great time, as you must have done! For a black outfit, you look amazingly sweet! Very cool.

  6. Okay, so cut and paste Curtise’s comment here, okay? Let me add I think you look great. I’m guessing that if I were there at the event, I’d much rather engage you in a conversation than someone more traditionally dressed. I love those shoes!!!

  7. Those are a great pair of witch shoes! Looks like you had some fun in your ensemble noir. Thanks for linking up!

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