Brightening Up!

Word on the street is that my black bootie
and my choice of black clothing
might need a little brightening up.


People suggested that I
“add some COLOR”
wrap a colorful scarf around it and flaunt it”
“paint it”
…but remember, I’m really trying to camouflage that boot,
and hope nobody notices my exceedingly pronounced limp…ya think?


BB Dakota Southwest Stripe Cardigan

So, I grabbed my skinny jeans and a long black tee,
and threw on a few colorful sweaters to liven things up,
 on top.


J Jill Aztec Fringe Sweater

These really aren’t my best colors,
but I love the style and flow of this sweater so much,
it’s definitely a keeper.


It took me awhile to get there…


Free People Lima Hooded Maxi Sweater

but this was the clear winner for me today.

everyone thinks it’s just fine to call me a gimp
(and then chuckle under their breath)
…but in all seriousness,
I just don’t want people to start callin’ me drab!
That will not do.

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  1. You are NEVER drab!…gimpy! :o

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