Change of Art


I bought this great little tunic at Ross for  $12.99,
but wasn’t too thrilled about the colors…
so, I dyed it, of course!


I tend to go red, but this time I actually started with marigold and then added red to make a beautiful coral color!

It is looking a bit Halloweenish soI’m wondering if I should stop here…
or go into the violet realm at some point?


But for now,
I simply matched it up with my BDG skinny jeans and coral Naya platforms,


 then a black A-line skirt with beaded White Mountain sandals,


and a black Weston Wear pencil skirt (also seen here)
to make some easy, carefree outfits that can just be thrown on in a jiffy,
but still do their jobs of covering up sufficiently while carrying off some modicum of style!


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~ by admin_aef on September 18, 2013.

2 Responses to “Change of Art”

  1. You look extra-trim in this outfit! Are you losing weight? Normally I don’t think of vertical stripes as slimming, but I love the new color and think it right for fall. (Not Halloweenish) enjoy your find!

  2. I agree…not Halloweenish at all. It looks great, especially for we Bohemians.

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