Closet Coup


I’m still in disbelief,
but I was able to talk my husband into giving me (almost) the entire walk-in closet


 in exchange for the coat/vintage closet in his office


and the antique armoire.
Now he just has his dresser in my closet, as well as a few pairs of shoes,
but that’s it!



I could finally spread out, enabling me to see everything easier…
so I grabbed my favorite boho maxidress
and came up with a few different looks to share.


Pulling out the turquoise with an openweave shrug…

Attempting hip (but looking somewhat downtrodden) with a
coral linen moto jacket…

Going breezy, albeit dark, with a swingy chocolate number…


and dilligently working on wearing my summer whites!

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4 Responses to “Closet Coup”

  1. Oh what a closet! I am envious and happy for you! Great boho maxi dress for summer, too. Thanks for sharing with Vis Monday!

  2. That is a great dress….and I have a serious case of closet envy going on here. So nice of your husband.

  3. Lucky you! I would kill for a closet that size! I love the maxi dress on you, especially with the coral jacket ;-)


  4. Okay … spill. How did you get him to give it to you? Threats? Blackmail? Begging? Did he just volunteer it?
    Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS … you must have some hellaciously good karma coming around!

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