Cover Your Butt?

So, why am I blogging about fashion?  What credentials do I have?  The answer to that is a resounding
I’m working in a clothing boutique right now, but mainly I simply love clothes, and people have been commenting on my style a lot lately.  I also haven’t seen much out there for ladies of my age who don’t want to bare all, and who are into a Bohemian persona…
so there you go…

In my first AlterEgoFashionista post I shared
Tip #1 - Cover your Butt
Good advice in general, no?  But this actually brings up my favorite fashion staple…TUNICS!


Blue tunics…


Purple tunics…


Neutral tunics…


Casual tunics…


Sleeveless tunics…


Lace tunics…


Now, I’m a mature woman to be sure…55 years old and neither long nor lean.  I’m a whopping 5′ 1″ tall and currently weigh a record 132 pounds…and tunics are my “go to” pieces every day.  I totally poo-poo women who say, “I’m too short to wear tops that long.”  If I can do it at Hobbit height, anybody can!

Besides, if you like the look, pretty much anything goes in this day and age.

So, unless you love your bottom just as it is and you’re proud to show it off, remember this:
Tunics are your Friends!

Tune in next time for more tips on the basics from AlterEgoFashionista!

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6 Responses to “Cover Your Butt?”

  1. Congrats on the launch of your new blog!! I’m gonna love it!

  2. I like your blog – thanks for linking up to Visible Monday! I agree that tunics can look great on most women, and you have a wonderful collection : >

  3. Love this portion of the blog! Where do you find your tunics? I’d love it if you would share some the places you shop for these treasures!

  4. you are such a cutie*pie !!

    i am not much of a fashionista
    i don’t shop for clothes at all …

    i know
    i know
    i live in small town, beachy florida
    where it is
    t-shirts & shorts & flip*flops
    9 months outta the year…
    then t-shirts & skinny jeans & boots
    the other 3 !!

    no one HERE covers their butt
    with much of anything,
    i must say …


    {{ oh my …
    i DO have 26 pair
    of converse
    chuck taylor

    does that count ?? }}

    you are such a cutie*pie !!

  5. awesome me too I would like to know where to find these

  6. Adorable! Love this! Can’t wait to read more!

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