Destroyed Denim

For awhile now
I’ve been looking for a knee-length destroyed denim skirt with a little ‘edge.’


Enter this Free People skirt in “Garage Wash.”
It kinda looks like I single-handedly tuned-up a car while wearing it,
and spilled some grease and battery acid on it in the process!
It’s serioulsy trashed…and even dirty looking…
and despite my alleged common sense,
in a dauntingly weird way,
I actually like it.


I’ve been needing something ‘casual’ to tuck my shorter shirts into,


like these embroidered beauties by BIYA,
a sister company of another favorite brand, Johnny Was.


I’ve been wanting something I could wear with bare (envision tanner) legs
and perhaps even shoes, when that pesky 5th metatarsal heals.
Something  edgy…unique…fun!


I used to think that if my denim had holes in it,
it was me who should have made those holes,
by golly!

So call me crazy/punky/gross/weird/too old/grungy/stoopid…
but now I’m thinking that successfully destroyed fabric is a bit of an art.


I don’t know why or when or how destroyed denim has become so cool,
but I do believe that I have officially been suckered into its steely jaws.

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6 Responses to “Destroyed Denim”

  1. It’s funny, at first I thought this trend would blow over quickly, but it seems to have staying power. Then I thought it might look silly on an older woman like me, but really, who cares? Yours looks cool! Maybe I should start destroying some of my own denim!

  2. Yeah…who cares? That’s one of the great things about getting older! Without being belligerent, we can do what suits us, thank you very much!

  3. The older the jeans look, the younger it makes us look! I like that!

  4. Indeed you look cool and as long as you feel confident… the world is yours :)
    Thank you so much for linking with Très Chic Style Bits.

  5. I’m liking these trends of doing the previously unthinkable or the previously unfashionable … destroyed denim, heels and track pants, short jackets with long shirts! You wear this well, and it works.

  6. Hi there! As a denim addict, I love your skirt, such a fabulous outfit!

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