Dia de los Muertos Sale


This weekend my plans changed and I was able to go to the Dia de los Muertos celebration here in town,
which was way cool!


They had vendors last year!
I remembered thinking  that my work would fit in well there…


so I called Cindy
- who is  going to be hard to identify later in street clothes -
and she said,”Come on  down!”

Wow, a new gig, where I get to…yet have to…dress up!

So, here was my naive plan:


Dig out the miniature top hat!
I added some black netting to spruce it up a bit,


 and found an appropriately festive skirt.


Hmmm…what would work best?
The Free People trapeze slip in deep red, or the flirty black slip with multicolored quadrafringe?


A velvet topper, perhaps?


Bottom it off with some great black boots…but which ones???
Or maybe I should  consider the red boots…


So here’s what it came down to in the end:

same hat
same skirt
red slip
different jacket
different (not red) shoes

For me, there usually seems to be a disparity between what I think I’ll be wearing
and the real deal of how I’m feeling on that particular day.

Regardless, I had a good show and lots of fun!
And better yet,
today I don’t need to rush around like a crazy woman,
which, unfortunately, has become the norm.
I can stay home and get organized for the next show…
in a mere 2 weeks!!!
And maybe I shouldn’t take “crazy” off the docket just yet.

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4 Responses to “Dia de los Muertos Sale”

  1. Cindy’s make up is wonderful! I love all the pieces you considered, especially the hat, both velvet jackets, and all the boots! You look fabulous in your black and red outfit. xxx

  2. Wow, that looks like so much fun! The mariachi band is the ultimate, I would love to see that first hand! I would go with the tall boots, more dramatic!

  3. So many beautiful pieces to work with!! I love the skirt and the velvet tops, and all the shoes/boots are amazing. I know what you mean about planning outfits-mine rarely go the way I think they will. XXOO

  4. I absolutely love the miniature top hat with its beautiful trimmings. Every piece of your ensemble is magnificent. Thank you for linking up with Hat Attack!

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