Duplicate Favorites

Do you buy more than one of favorite pieces in different colors?
I do, big time!
Often, I’ll buy the first one retail,
but later find more on E-bay
or at Ross/Marshall’s/TJ Maxx/Nordstrom Rack/HauteLook,
or sometimes,
I will even score one at a thrift store!


My first and foremost duplicates are Raj tunics.
They’re so pretty and light and airy, but give wonderful, cool summer coverage.
In reality, they are actually swimsuit cover-ups.
I got my first one at Marshall’s  for $13 and the rest on E-bay.


I have several Earth Creations Sadie tunics…
they’re like sweatshirts with pockets and are much more versatile.
A quick choice to run to the market, work around the house, or to wear to the gym.
Plus, they’re made of organic cotton and hemp!
Select colors go on sale at the Earth Creations website regularly.


I have several color variations of Hard Tail tunic tees,
which are great layering basics, as well,
and can also be used to workout in.


Then there are my Flax dresses
- so easy to throw on -


and my Free People layering Trapeze Slips,
which are romantic and sweeter than the dickens!
They come in tons of colors and flair out at the bottom,
which works well for some outfits,


but for a slimmer silhouette,
these Allen Allen tank tunics are another great choice.
I got more when they went on sale…
and dyed them to suit my color palate.


These lightweight Free People jerseys give good coverage, too,
and look good with skirts and jeans,
plus they layer well over the sleeveless tanks and dresses.
Tying a little knot in them makes them even more fun and versatile.


These Subtle Luxury crocheted shrugs are a stylish and sweet way to get a little coverage
while still staying cool…
in every sense of the word.


Finally, I bought a pair of SAS sandals for comfort as my foot continues to heal,
and then found a pair on E-Bay at a fraction of the cost!
I plan to live in these this summer.


I have a lot of clothes.
What can I say?
Regardless…does anyone else out there practice dupli-purchasing???
Or am I just totally out of control???

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10 Responses to “Duplicate Favorites”

  1. Yes, you are totally out of control! Ha, only kidding, although I have to say I don’t duplicate at all. Mostly because my wardrobe is largely vintage and therefore you can’t just pick up a second piece in a different colour. I do have two 1960s maxi dresses which are the same label, style and print but different colours, bought at different times and both much loved.
    But all the pieces you have shown are very you, and if you wear them all and can pick alternative versions up secondhand, then surely there’s no problem. Wardrobe space – now that MIGHT be an issue! xxx

  2. Yes, I so it too – for my favorite tees, especially. You look so pretty and colorful, and thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  3. Loved all of the color…not an overload at all! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  4. I learnt the hard way, so now I can say “Yes, I buy multiple!” I bought a couple of pairs of gorgeous plain tee and now they are not available anymore.. should have bought multiple of each color. Now I have yet to find anything as good :(

  5. You make me laugh, and yes, you do have lots and lots of clothes. I’m not one to duplicate probably due to my overwhelming since of creativity and I tend to get bored so easily. But, I’m definitely going to remember your ebay shopping secrets, and flax dresses (I need at least one of those).

  6. Yes, I too am guilty of buying multiples in different colors but have recently restricted myself to allowing only 2…I use to do 3, so still have those in circulation… I love the colors you’ve shown here.

  7. You are absolutely NOT out of control. Or else we both are! I completely believe in loading up on things that work. I have three pair of identical flats in black, red and silver but they are perfect and comfortable and I would have been cray to skip them. I’ll wear them for years. I really like your Free the People tops and trapeze slips. I can see those being worn over and over and over…
    Debbie @ ilovemylemonadelife.com

  8. I do buy some things in multiples, but usually just basics like tee shirts. I bought two pairs of sandals because I couldn’t decide on the color, and they’ve both been worn to death! I never thought of looking for duplicates on eBay – that’s a great idea! You have so many pretty tunics. How do you ever decide which one to wear?

  9. Yes! Maybe not so often, but my favorite boat neck Breton is by Target (yes, again!) and I got all the colors that I wanted in it this spring … including doubles on plain white and plain black. Can’t have enough of them.
    You are so smart!

  10. You ARE so smart!, so fun, so cute and SO photogenic! Love your posts!

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