Dying to Make it Better

About twice a month I feel the need to dye something…mostly items that are somehow bland in my “must-have-color” eyes.


Take this beautiful-in-its-own-right top…
after a few washings it was looking kind of drab, so I threw it in with my favorite dye batch to date…RED!


I also had a tan ombre swingy sweater that just wasn’t cutting it in the brightness spectrum,
which turned out to be sort of a rust color,


a Free People jacket that was just kinda dull, but now is bright and sassy…


and finally,
a tie-dyed dress which had originally sported yellow near my face – not a good color for me!

I just use liquid Rit dye in my washing machine (smallest load size, HOT water, a cup of salt) and have found that my best colors are RED alone, red/purple for a most vibrant VIOLET, brown/tangerine for a great CINNAMON  color, and tan/orange/red for a beautiful CORAL…

Stick to high natural fiber contents (cotton, ramie, rayon, silk)
and do not be afraid!

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~ by admin_aef on July 24, 2013.

5 Responses to “Dying to Make it Better”

  1. Oh, I can’t help it, I’m afraid! You don’t have any problems with the colour leaking into future wash loads? That’s my biggest fear. Your work here is so awesome that I would like to do it.

  2. They all look great, though the colour is showing more bubblegum pink on my monitor, rather than red. Especially like the tie dye dress and the jacket, very nice! xxx

  3. I’m tempted to try this on a few things. I’ve never dyed in the washing machine before. Do you run an empty load after to clear all residue?

  4. My camera didn’t do the exact color justice, although it is a bit of a bright pink/red. Of course, another bottle of dye would make it even richer. Sometimes, I’ll grab a previously dyed item and send it back through with a subsequent dye lot for a little more pigment. I really just try to have fun with it!
    Thanks for your comment!

  5. I just wipe out the machine and then do a dark load the next time I wash – not whites! I’ve never, ever had a problem…and I do this pretty regularly.

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